After Running a Secure SI Job and Refreshing the Browser, the Button Does Not Show a Running Job

    This article covers troubleshooting failed SI jobs that appear to run at first. This is typically due to failed Run Dates on past jobs from an earlier version. To get these corrected, execute anonymous Apex code:

    List<revcult__Security_Insights_Refresh__c> refreshes = new List<revcult__Security_Insights_Refresh__c>(); for(revcult__Security_Insights_Refresh__c refresh : [select id, revcult__Run_Date__c, CreatedDate, name, revcult__Status__c from revcult__Security_Insights_Refresh__c order by CreatedDate]) { if(refresh.revcult__Run_Date__c == null) { refresh.revcult__Run_Date__c = refresh.CreatedDate; refreshes.add(refresh); } } update refreshes;

    For more information on executing anonymous Apex code, please review the Salesforce documentation here.

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