How to Remove All Files in a Dev Org from the SI Jobs

    This article covers how to remove all files from a developer Org’s SI jobs. The files can be removed by executing anonymous Apex code. Use the following:

    ​​​​​​​delete [SELECT Id FROM ContentDocument WHERE Title LIKE '%rawResults%' OR Title IN('linkMap.txt', 'monitoring.txt', 'monitoringScore.txt', 'authentication.txt', 'authenticationScore.txt', 'authorization.txt', 'authorizationScore.txt', 'dataLossPrevention.txt', 'dataLossPreventionScore.txt', 'dataProtection.txt', 'dataProtectionScore.txt', 'dismissedComponents.txt', 'integration.txt', 'integrationScore.txt')];

    For more information on executing anonymous Apex code, please review the Salesforce documentation here.​​​​​​​

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