Video: Downloading Event Log Files

    In this video, we will cover how to download Salesforce Event Log Files from a particular backup. Salesforce Event log files show event types that can be useful to track login, access to pages, package installations, and much more.


    Downloading Event Log Files

    1. Navigate to a particular backup from your backup history.

    Note: We associate an event log and its files with a particular backup set in Salesforce generates a new event log ID per day. This means that you may want to consider viewing several backups or days of data in order to get a particular picture over a span of time.

    1. Select one of the Recent Backups or choose a specific date(s).

    1. Select the Download toggle on the top of the page.


    Note: The Event Log is provided but not the actual event types which are considered to be CSV Files in Salesforce and require a download.

    1. Select Specific and search for Event Log Files.
    2. Select Include Attachments and Run.

    1. Select the Click here to download link and open the downloaded zip file on the bottom left-hand side.

    1. Select the event_log_files_csv.

    1. Copy the name of a particular Event Log Type.

    1. Navigate back to the opened zip file and select the EventLogFiles Folder.

    1. Select the Log_File Folder.

    1. Paste the file name in the search box.

    1. Open the Event Log File.

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