How to Swap Master Admin Accounts under SSO


    The current Master Administrator (Alice) is about to go on vacation and must transfer the Master Admin role to another user (Bob), another Administrator in the system. The environment is set up with Single Sign On (SSO).

    Alice needs to make Bob the new Master Administrator on the system.

    Preparation Phase

    Master Administrator (Alice): 
    1. Log in to the application via SSO.
    • Ensure she knows the password for her account (not the credentials for the SSO Id Provider).
    Administrator (Bob): 
    1. Log in to the aplication via SSO.
    • Ensure he knows the password for his account. Likely, he never had one if he was originally set up as an SSO user.
    • He will need to use it in the future when he assigns someone else to become the Master Administrator, so this procedure ensures that he creates a password, if it is not already known.

    Switch Phase

    Master Administrator (Alice): 
    1. Turn off SSO in the system by selecting the “Password” option in the Security tab
    2. Save the changes.
    • At this point, the system is actually more secure than before because users not already logged in can't log in. At the same time, SSO is turned off, and they likely will not have set up passwords previously, since they were created as SSO users.
    1. If Bob did not know his password, delete and re-add Bob’s username (now that the system is not using SSO) so that Bob can go through the user verification process.
    • If Bob does not know his password, he will receive a verification email. Bob must verify the account via the link in the email and set his password. He will need to remember it because it will be the Master Administrator’s password after the switch and will be needed for a future switch.
    1. Click the “Replace Master Admin” link to select Bob’s username as the new Master Administrator.
    2. Enter the Master Administrator's (Alice's) password to make the switch.
    Administrator (Bob): 
    1. Once Alice has made that change, refresh the browser and verify the Master Administrator has been transferred.

    Post Switch Phase

    Master Administrator (Bob): 
    1. Assign Alice’s username to a Business Unit; otherwise, Alice will not see any services.
    2. Turn on SSO again by selecting the “Single Sign-On (SSO) option in the Security screen. The screen will automatically re-populate with the previous SSO settings, as they will have been retained.
    3. Bob may need to navigate to another tab, refresh the browser and then return to the Security tab before the “Save Changes” button on that tab is enabled.

    4. Log out of the application.

    5. Log back in using the SSO link to verify the login.

    Administrator (Alice): 
    1. Log out of the application.
    2. Log back in using the SSO link to verify login and ensure assignment to the required Business Unit.

    The Master Administrator handover process is now complete.

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