Understanding the Weekly Backup Report

    The Weekly Backup Report surveys your active services and presents info about them as a call to action and awareness. The report surveys the last 7 days and breaks down the connected active service(s) into successes, warnings, and errors. 

    All active users of any given service will receive the Weekly Backup Report for that service. An active user can not unsubscribe from receiving the Weekly Backup Report. The Weekly Backup Report would normally be sent by Own to all users, between Tuesday and Thursday, depending on the app Region.

    Success: Indicating the backup service completed successfully with 0 warnings or errors over the last 7 days. 

    Warning: The backup service completed but with 1 or more warning(s) on some objects or specific records. For a list of examples of warnings and how to resolve them, click on the following links for ​​Salesforce Recover, Dynamics, and ServiceNow.

    Error: The backup has not completed or didn't run but is marked as active. For a list of examples of errors and how to resolve them, click on the following links for Salesforce Recover, Dynamics, and ServiceNow.


    Skipped Objects: The backup includes objects that were skipped during the backup service.
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