Incident #124


    As part of our November 19th release (November 12th in AU1), a bug was introduced.

    All your Salesforce data is protected and there was no data loss due to this bug.

    This bug only affects recent Recover for Salesforce data backups (both full and synthetic) and is causing deleted records to be included in the backup. This, in effect, causes an increase in the duration of affected backups.

     Who May be Impacted

    Own Recover for Salesforce customers using the Bulk API & Bulk API 2.0 options where backups are labeled “Affected by Incident #124”. (nCino Sage and Veeva customers may also be impacted).

    What Is The Impact


    Impacted backups may contain records that were previously deleted. This may cause an increase in the duration of the affected full and synthetic backups.


    Exports of the affected sObjects in affected backups will contain deleted records


    Running “Find” on affected sObjects may include deleted records in the search results.


    When one of the compared backups contains affected sObjects, the compare results may be inconsistent.

    Smart Alerts

    Smart Alerts on affected backups may behave inconsistently as they include deleted records not included in previous backups. As we released a fix that will stop backing up deleted records, you may receive false alerts.

    Identifying Affected Backups

    We are identifying and labeling your affected backups in your backup history. 

    • Backups are designated “Warning” status with the label “Affected by Incident #124”. 

    • Specific sObjects affected are designated as “Error” status with the label “Affected by Incident #124” and the tooltip: “sObject may include deleted records. See our knowledge based on incident 124”. 

    Remedial Action Taken By Own

    On November 28th 2023, we deployed a fix that prevents backing up deleted records when using bulk API. 

    If your backups contain affected sObjects the next full backup will remediate the problem going forward.

    What Action Can I Take?

    1. Filter Out Deleted Records in Exports - We strongly recommend filtering out all deleted records (Records with isDeleted=TRUE) in affected sObjects that were exported, in order to maintain data integrity in downstream systems.
    2. Contact Support for Assistance with Restores - For assistance with Restoring an affected sObject from an affected backup, please contact Support.


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