How to check if Archive is installed and running properly

    NOTE: This article applies to Archive Package 17.18.0 or older. To make use of all the latest features and updates we recommend updating to the latest version of Archive.
    For package 18.02.0 please see the following article here.

    Archive relies on an active admin user leveraged as the running user with permission sets to run policies and connect actively to the backend. This article guides you through the steps for checking if you're set up correctly. 

    1. Log in to Salesforce as an admin.
    2. Navigate to Setup-->Installed Packages.
      Verify that the Own Archive app is on the list.
    3. Navigate to Setup-->Connected Apps OAuth Usage.
    4. Verify that the Archive app is on the list and isn't blocked.
    5. If blocked, uninstalled or the running user needs to be changed, do the following:
      1. Navigate to Users and select the user you want to manage permissions for.
      2. Click on Permission Set Assignments

        The User Setup page opens.
      3. Click Edit Assignments
      4. Validate that the selected user has the Archive Admin permission set enabled.
    6. Assign the Archive permission sets to this user and click Save.
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