Archiving Salesforce Archived Records in Archive

    Salesforce archives the following activities:

    • Events that ended more than 365 days ago
    • Closed tasks due more than 365 days ago
    • Closed tasks created more than 365 days ago (if they have no due date)

    Salesforce does not delete archived activities, but they can be deleted manually or use Archive to delete them from Salesforce and Archive into AWS/Azure.

    • When you create or refresh a sandbox, archived activities are not copied.
    • You can view and interact with archived activities in exported data and in certain locations in Salesforce.

    You can read more about Salesforce Archiving here:

    If you have NOT enabled the new policy configuration window (to archive records that are already archived by Salesforce into Archive) you must add the following specific clause to the query:

    WHERE IsDeleted=False AND IsArchived=True Limit XXX

    For Example:

    The regular archive policy: Select Id From Task Where Title='' Limit 10, should be manually changed to:  Select Id From Task Where Title = '' AND IsDeleted=False AND IsArchived=True Limit 10


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