Export to Amazon S3

    Export a Backup To Amazon S3 

    Click here to see another article on exporting data and metadata.

    1. Set up an Amazon S3 endpoint according to the instructions in the Admin Guide.
      • In OwnBackup-->Account Settings→ Endpoints-->Add a new endpoint
        • Bucket name: should be the same as in S3. e.g ownbackup.com.production 
        • Path in bucket: creates a ‘directory’ in S3 to copy the dataset. e.g. production/
        • AWS-S3-Region: should reflect the region of the bucket. e.g us-east-1
        • AWS Access Key Id: taken from IAM user. e.g. FAKEKEYAKIA2EYKPPXN
        • AWS Secret Access Key:  taken from IAM user secret.
    2. Navigate to the service you wish to export.

    1. Click Backup History and select the backup you wish to export.

    1. Click Export backup. Click here to see a list of objects excluded from all exports. 

    1.  Select “Export to S3”.

    1. Select the Endpoint from the drop-down list.
    2. Select whether to include attachments.
    3. Click Export.

    If your S3 bucket is not secure a warning message is displayed.

    1. If you wish to proceed click Export.

    1. Click Yes, Export to confirm.

    The export starts a new job.

    1. When the export job is complete check your S3 bucket for the exported files.

    The export creates a folder with the backup name under the path provided. The GZIP file created for each object is a zipped CSV file. The export uploads the files to this folder, if a file was previously uploaded (same backup, same object) the file is overwritten.

    1. To keep all historic versions of the object, enable versioning on the bucket.

    2. If you have not set up the S3 bucket with the necessary permissions an error message is displayed when you click Export.


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