Add Visualforce Pages to Secure

    To setup Visualforce pages, perform the following:

    1. Navigate to ​Setup​​.

    2. Search for ​Visualforce Pages​​.

    3. Click ​New​​.

    4. Name your page something relevant to the object.

    5. Remove everything in the ​Visualforce Markup​​ tab and replace it with one of the data options below:

    <apex:page standardController="contact" showHeader="false" sidebar="false"> <revcult:FieldHistoryExplorerComponent recordId="{!contact.Id}"/></apex:page>


    <apex:page standardController="contact" showHeader="false" sidebar="false"> <revcult:SecurityAccessExplorerComponent recordId="{!contact.Id}"/></apex:page>

    Perform the following to add Visualforce pages to a page layout:

    1. Navigate to a ​Record​​.

    2. Add a ​Visualforce​​ page.

    3. Click the ​Edit Layout​​ button.

    4. The Page Layout is displayed. Select "​​Visualforce Pages​​".

    5. Locate the new Visualforce page. Drag and drop it on to the desired location in the page layout.

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