Add the Reporting Tab for Legacy Versions of Secure

    The Reporting tab must be ​manually​ added for users who are ​upgrading​​ from legacy versions of Secure or Secure for Shield. To manually add the Reporting tab, perform the following:

    1. Enter the SalesforceSetupMenu.
    2. Locate the ​App Manager​​ and ​open​​ it.
    3. Find "Own Secure"​​ or "Own Secure for Shield" on the list. Click the ​drop-down arrow​​ and select ​Edit​​.
    4. Locate “​Reporting​​” in the ​Available Tabs​ box, select​ it, and click the ​Add​ arrow to move it to the ​Selected Tabs​​ section.
    5. Click Save.
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