When unarchiving a case in Salesforce, can Archive preserve the original case number?

    Salesforce has standard fields for some standard objects. One of them is the automatically generated Case Number field on the Case Object. When an archived record is unarchived back to Salesforce, the record is treated as a new Salesforce record and assigned a new Case Number. This article walks you through a solution to preserve the original Salesforce Case Number through a new field.

    Getting Started

    1. Go to Archive Settings > Unarchive

    2. Select Preserve Original Salesforce Case Number When Unarchiving a Record


    3. Click Save.

    Preserving a Salesforce Case Number

    1. Navigate to the case that you want to preserve the original case number.

    2. Click the settings icon and click Edit Object.

    3. Click on Case.

    4. Select Fields & Relationships and click New.

    5. Select Text from the options.

    6. Click Next.

    NOTE: This format is case-sensitive. The default Salesforce case number field length is 8 digits. In the Field Label and Field Name enter "original_number", and in the Length field enter 8. 

    7. Enter the details and click Next.

     8. Click Save.

    9. Navigate back to the case and click the Archive tab and search in the Archive Search widget. 

    10. Click the dropdown menu and select View.


    11. Click Unarchive.

    Once you have clicked Unarchive and the process is done the original_number appears.





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