OwnBackup Instance Locations and IP Addresses to white list

    What IP addresses need to be added to the list of acceptable IP Ranges in salesforce.com?

    See the below table for white listing IP's from our global locations

    App ServerIP AddressesLocationService
    app1.ownbackup.com52.71.225.201North Virginia, USOwnBackup for Salesforce
    au1.ownbackup.com13.236.99.148Sydney, AustraliaOwnBackup for Salesforce
    ca1.ownbackup.com35.182.9.40Toronto, CanadaOwnBackup for Salesforce
    emea1.ownbackup.com52.28.163.240Frankfurt, GermanyOwnBackup for Salesforce
    emea4.ownbackup.com13.81.98.210Amsterdam, HollandOwnBackup for Salesforce
    hippa1.ownbackup.com52.4.24.63North Virginia, USOwnBackup for Salesforce
    usgov2.ownbackup.com52.61.196.250Oregon, USOwnBackup for Salesforce

    London, UKOwnBackup for Salesforce

    app1.archiver.ownbackup.com3.208.161.146North Virginia, USOwnBackup Archiver
    au1.archiver.ownbackup.com54.79.91.194Sydney, AustraliaOwnBackup Archiver
    emea1.archiver.ownbackup.com52.57.171.186Frankfurt, GermanyOwnBackup Archiver
    hipaa1.archiver.ownbackup.com3.208.249.4North Virginia, USOwnBackup Archiver
    uk1.archiver.ownbackup.com35.178.141.95London, UKOwnBackup Archiver
    usgov2.archiver.ownbackup.com15.200.132.239Oregon, USOwnBackup Archiver

    How does this look in Salesforce?

    Since these addresses are /32 CIDR values, it means both IP Start and End address values are the same.  

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