Salesforce Integration User License (API Only)

    What is an Authenticated User

    The Authenticated User connects the application to the client's Salesforce org. We recommend having a dedicated user as the Authenticated User.


    In March 2023, Salesforce released a dedicated user license specifically designed for system-to-system integrations. There are five free licenses available that have limited out-of-the-box permissions.


    From 5 February 2024, this user license is NO longer supported.


    Own does not currently support this type of license because the standard API configurations for the Salesforce API Integration User license has insufficient privileges to support usage as the Authenticated User for Own applications: Recover, Archive, Accelerate (formerly Sandbox Seeding).

    As of 5 February 2024 the following list includes, but is not limited to, objects identified as missing/unsupported when using Salesforce’s Integration User license as the Authenticate User for Own Recover, Archive, and Accelerate (formerly Sandbox Seeding):

    BrandTemplate, CollabDocumentMetric, CollabDocumentMetricRecord, CollabTemplateMetric, CollabTemplateMetricRecord, CollabUserEngagementMetric, CollabUserEngmtRecordLink, EmailDomainFilter, EmailDomainKey, EmailRelay, EmailServicesAddress, EmailServicesFunction, EmailTemplate, EnhancedLetterhead, EnhancedLetterheadFeed, LocationTrustMeasure, LocationTrustMeasureShare, OrgEmailAddressSecurity, OrgWideEmailAddress, TwoFactorInfo, TwoFactorMethodsInfo, TwoFactorTempCode

    Following changes to users, profiles or any type of permission changes, it is your responsibility to confirm that everything required in, or excluded from, a backup is as expected. 



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