Temporarily Disable Business Rules, Workflows, Scripts, and Email Deliverability

    This article provides an overview of why certain rules, workflows, scripts, and emails must be manually disabled when using Restore.

    When running a Restore job, the warning message above is shown after the Compare & pre-process is completed.

    We do not have the ability to disable Business Rules, Workflows, Scripts, and Emails via APIs. It is best practice to disable these actions manually to ensure the data is restored correctly.

    Performing the following tasks manually is considered best practice for several reasons:

    • Data Integrity: Disabling business rules, workflows, and scripts ensures that the data restoration process is not influenced by any automated processes that may alter or manipulate the data. By temporarily disabling these rules, users can maintain the integrity of the restored data and avoid any unintended consequences or conflicts.
    • System Performance: Instances and organizations often contain complex business rules, workflows, and scripts that can consume system resources and impact performance. By disabling these elements during the data restoration process, users can prevent unnecessary processing and optimize system performance, allowing the restoration to proceed efficiently.
    • Data Consistency: Disabling email deliverability prevents any email notifications or alerts from being triggered during the data restoration. This ensures that users do not receive misleading or inaccurate emails. It helps avoid confusion or disruptions caused by automated emails sent during the restoration process.
    • Controlled Testing Environment: Temporarily disabling these rules also provides a controlled environment for restored data. By eliminating the interference of automated rules and email notifications, users can ensure an accurate and complete restoration of data without any external interference.
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