Finding Records and Attachments

    The Find feature enables you to search the entire backup history of records or attachments, and easily retrieve any record or attachment. This capability enables you to comply with regulations, and initiate a restore job from the results found.

    The Find feature is an advanced full-text search capability available in all your backup snapshots. The tool searches all fields, on all standard and custom objects, chatter, multi-value picklists, rich text fields, and more. The tools can search for multiple search terms within the same Find job. The tool can also search within attachments, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and most text-based files. Any records that match the search criteria are subsequently displayed. If different versions of the same record appear across multiple backup snapshots, you can view and export the different versions to see the changes.

    To read about finding records and attachments in specific cloud service environments, see:

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