Platform Encryption Analysis Job Catches SOAP Fault Error on readReports in IDO and Client Org

    This article provides an overview of an error encountered when an Org has both Secure and Salesforce Communities Management installed. Reports from the Salesforce Communities Management package are private, meaning Secure is currently unable to read them. This is due to a platform limitation and there is currently no permanent solution. This limitation can lead to fields being marked as “All Clear” for encryption when they should be marked “Blocked by Configuration”. This means a field could be encrypted, but there is a risk of breaking reports related to that field.

    The current workaround for this issue is to create a Batch Configuration, limiting the ReportFilterParserBatch to 1. This forces Secure to read the reports one by one instead of in batches. For information on creating a Batch Configuration, click here.

    The Secure team is working on a permanent solution to this issue

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