Backup & Recovery for Salesforce - Admin Guides

    In these Admin Guides, you will learn the key activities required to administer and use the OwnBackup platform.

    The following outline will guide you through the Admin Guide:

    Section 1: Initial Setup and Configuration - This will walk you through logging into your OwnBackup account, adding backup services, setting up and configuring your backups, analyzing profile permissions, and setting up Smart Alerts.

    Section 2: OwnBackup Functionality Tools - This section will walk you through our tools for visualizing data, comparing data and metadata backups, finding records and attachments, and exporting your backups.

    Section 3: Restore - This final section will walk you through our tools for recovering data and metadata, as well as restoring from production to sandbox environments.

    The Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) User Guide covers:

    • Business Units enable you to partition your OwnBackup services and control which users have access to them.

    • User Roles enable you to grant specific privileges to each specific user in the system.

    • Data Classification on Services enables the user to mark a service as “containing production data” and segregate it from certain users who should not be able to access it.


    Additional guides for OwnBackup’s Replication, Sandbox Seeding, Archiver and GDPR functionality are available on our support website.




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