Seeding Salesforce Field Service Objects (FSL)

    To receive the Field Services Template contact Support or your Solution Engineer. 


    Because all Field Service implementations are different, if you receive a warning that there are missing objects, you can simply remove those from the template.

    1. Seed to your empty sandbox using the Field Service Template (Upsert).
    2. Once seeding is complete, within the seeded sandbox, navigate to the Field Service Settings.
    3. Select Global Actions.
    4. Select the APPOINTMENT BOOKING tab.
    5. Set the Default scheduling policy and the Default operating hours.

    1. Select the EMERGENCY WIZARD tab.
    2. Set the Default emergency scheduling policy.

    If you encounter issues with setup, troubleshoot following these steps to set up a refreshed sandbox with FSL:

    Known Issues

    • Service Appointments can't be inserted with either the dispatched status or the scheduled status.
    • Inactive Users can't be Service Resources
    • The authenticated user must have the Field Service Admin permission sets assigned, as well as appropriate system and app permissions for the seed to be successful

    Click here to see other common errors with Field Service.

    Objects Excluded from Template

    • SkillRequirement (child to Skill)


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