Getting Started with Archive for Salesforce

    As you get started with Archive, we have compiled this list of articles, walkthroughs, and videos that are most impactful and important for new users to review: 

    1. User Guides: You should have received these as part of your onboarding, and they are a good place to start. The Guide covers the key activities required to set up and begin successfully using Archive.
    2. User Permissions: Authenticated user permissions required for Archive.
    3. Archiving Policies: Before creating Archiving Policies, it will be beneficial to review the questions in this article, as well as the use cases and queries. 
    4. How to check if Archive is Installed and Running Properly: Utilize the steps outlined in this article to ensure permissions are set properly for Archive to run successfully.  
    5. Archive Search: How to use Archive Search to search for Archived Records related to your Salesforce org. 
    6. How to Archive a Content Document: This article goes through the two ways you can archive a content document. 
    7. Archive Field Level Security Reports: This article explains how Archive Field Level Security (FLS) Reports aim to help Salesforce Admins ensure archiving is comprehensive and accurate as expected. 
    8. Common Warnings and Errors: This article contains a comprehensive list of common warnings and errors you might encounter, the reasons behind the errors, and solutions to resolve the errors. 
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