Getting Ready for Recover Onboarding

    The following steps are needed to have a successful onboarding session with your Own Customer Success Manager and Implementation Team.

    1. Ensure the Authenticated User has comprehensive access to data and metadata. The Authenticated User will be leveraged to read the data from the provider's environment and will need comprehensive privileges to access it with 100% coverage.

    • For Salesforce, read this article.
    • For Microsoft Dynamics, read this article.
    • For ServiceNow, an admin user with the "admin" role or at least read access to all out-of-box tables and fields. You can select "Web service access only," but it is not required. 

    2. Review the instances available here and select the AWS or Microsoft Azure environment that best matches your business and security needs.

    Example: If your environments are on the east coast of the US, select an instance from N. Virginia.

    3. After determining the best instance for you, select either “Sign up” or “Log in.” 

    • Note: If you already have a Recover trial account, please respond to the onboarding email with the Account ID for immediate conversion. This value is under Account Settings→Overview. 
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