Deleting An Archive Policy

    Depending on the configuration options made in the Archive policy settings the archive will be either Hard or Soft delete. The default, and recommended setting is soft delete.

    Hard Delete

    To enable hard delete:

    1. At the top-right of the page, click the Settings icon ​​​​​​ to open the drop-down menu, and select Setup. 










    2. Filter by typing "Custom Metadata Types" in the Quick Find.

    3. Select ​Archive_policy_settings​​. 

    4. Click ​Manage Archiver_policy_settings​.5. Click ​Edit​​.

    6. Select the ​Enable hard delete​​ checkbox.

    7. Click ​Save​​.


    Soft delete removes the record from the Archive Policies list only.

    To configure Soft Delete:

    1. Navigate to the Policies tab.
    2. Click the filter icon.

    1. Set the Soft deleted equals field to False.
    2. Click Done. When you delete an Archive Policy it will no longer display in the Archive Policies list.

    Note: Data archived as part of a policy is saved in Archive, and is purged according to the retention policy. You can still view the archive operations executed by the deleted policy on the “Activities” tab, by filtering by policy name.

    Note: The Mark for delete filter is NOT in use.






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