Access to Own Products

    This article describes how to gain immediate access to our products. Please follow the instructions relative to the products you have purchased.  

    Recover and Seeding

    1. Review the instances available here and select the AWS or Microsoft Azure environment which best matches your business and security needs. Example: If your environments are on the east coast of the US, selecting an instance from N.Virgina is ideal
    2. After determining the best instance for you, select either “Sign up” or “Log in.”  

    If you already have an active trial account, please email with the Account ID for conversion. This value is under Account Settings→Overview. 


    Install the latest Archive package on your Salesforce environment by appending your Salesforce URL with the package suffix for version 20.25.0 

    If you already have an active trial account, please email with the Salesforce ID for conversion. 

    Secure and Secure for Shield

    We recommend upgrading on a quarterly basis at a minimum. To install or upgrade to the version of Secure listed here, copy the package link and append it to your Salesforce Org URL. For example:<packageID>

    Documentation is always updated to reflect the current version of Secure. Any product support for technical issues includes upgrading to the latest version.


    What's new in Secure? Click here.

    Package version 24.4 URL:


    Secure for Shield

    What's new in Secure for Shield? Click here.

    Package version 24.2 URL:


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