Which Fields Are Not Supported for Secure’s Sync to Salesforce

    This article provides an overview of why clients may encounter errors when syncing between Secure’s Data Classification and Salesforce. The Data Classification tab allows users to classify more fields than Salesforce. Unfortunately, this can lead to failures when attempting to sync from Secure to the Salesforce metadata. To view which fields and field types may encounter sync errors, navigate to the field detail page. If a field is not visible then it cannot be synced.

    To gain more insight as to why a specific field did not sync, the “Sync_Message_c” field can be queried on the “Data_Classification_Field_Level_c” object. This field takes in the results of each field’s sync attempt.

    • If the sync was successful, the field contains “Success
    • If the sync was not successful, the field contains the error message returned from Salesforce.

    The following fields, field types, and objects do not sync:

    • CreatedBy
    • LastModifiedBy
    • MasterRecord
    • __hd fields
    • Historical Data fields
    • Managed package fields
    • ListEmail object
    • ConversationEntry object
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