Understanding Replicate Plus Job Preview Results

    When using the Replicate Plus option and reviewing the data to be replicated, we display either a blue or a red exclamation triangle icon when alerting you about missing referenced objects found. In order to include the referenced items, you need to create a new job.

    Red icon warnings identify a required relationship for the object to succeed.  Record inserts fail when the information is missing.

    In the example below, the ContentDocument Object is required to be added in order to successfully replicate the ContentDocumentLink.


    Blue icon warnings identify that the object and its records will be created, but without the missing data, due to a non required missing referenced object relationship. You may either include the additional objects or change the hierarchy depth.

    In the example below, the Opportunity Object is missing a relationship to Pricebooks2 and to Campaign, which are not required for its seeding in the destination and, therfore, Pricebooks2 and Campaign do not get included in this job configuration.

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