Managing Security beyond Health Check with Secure

    Salesforce Health Check examines basic security settings to identify risks based on Salesforce best practices. It is a good place to start, but it has several limitations. Secure goes beyond this with a robust and comprehensive approach to security.

    Limitations of Health Check

    • Only evaluates simple out-of-the-box settings (password settings, session settings, basic anti-hacking controls, etc.)
    • Does not analyze data classifications or the security of integrations.
    • Uses a one size fits all methodology for all organizations. While you can adjust Health Check to better align with security policies, it remains a rudimentary set of security settings.

    Secure is designed to aid in identifying the sensitive data that needs to be protected, assessing how that data is protected, and using a risk-based approach to prioritize which security gaps to fix first. 

    Secure goes beyond Health Check in the following ways:

    • Comprehensive Analysis: Secure examines the org in depth, beyond just the basic settings.

    • Data Classification: Secure identifies the type of data within an organization and its application, allowing for tailored security measures.

    • Tailored Security Measures: Unlike the generic settings of Health Check, Secure offers security measures that align with a company's specific requirements. 

    • In-depth Salesforce Security Model Analysis: Secure delves into the Salesforce security model, uncovering deficiencies in its application within the organization.

    • Risk-based Scoring: Secure employs a scoring system that reflects your Org’s security posture. 

    • Flexibility: Secure's settings can be adjusted to reflect the risk operating context or existing InfoSec policies.

    • Enhance Salesforce Shield Applications: Accelerate the implementation of Salesforce Shield Applications (Platform Encryption, Field Audit Trail, Event Monitoring).

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