Manually Rebranding Secure in Salesforce

    OwnBackup Secure and Cloud Security Cockpit packages, when upgrading to a current Own Secure package, encounter issues with branding. While they have been upgraded to Own Secure, the original branding remains. To correct this issue, users must manually rebrand their new version of Secure.

    To rebrand Secure, perform the following:

    1. Select Setup .
    2. Using the search bar, enter "App Manager". Select App Manager from the list.
    3. Locate "OwnBackup Secure" or "Cloud Security Cockpit" on the list of apps.
    4. Click the dropdown arrow  for the Secure app and select Edit.
    5. Edit the app name to "Own Secure".
    6. To change the app icon, use the "Insert an Image button to select a new one. The current Own icon is attached to this article.
    7. Select Save  to confirm all changes.


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