How to Un-merge and Restore merged Records

    You can restore accidently merged records using our Restore tool. OwnBackup can restore the record(s) and related data after the record was merged. 

    To Un-merge and Restore Record(s) back into the Org 

    1. Verify the timeframe of when the merge took place.
    2. Use the visual graph in the  dashboard services to consolidate the time period and when the record was removed.

    1. Verify the record you are restoring has been deleted from the Recycle Bin in your Salesforce org.
    2. Navigate to the Backup History and review the backups .
    • If you ran a Manual Backup/Forced Backup when the merge occurred and labeled the backup you can select this backup and review the contents.

    • If not, select the  backup that matches the removed records in the particular timeframe to capture the merged records.  
    1. Click the Smart Restore icon beside the Removed records object. A Restore Preview starts, where you can review the records prior to restoring them back into the Org. 

    1. You can filter to the specific merged record to avoid restoring other records.  

    Alternatively use the Restore procedure via the Restore tab as follows:

    1. In screen 3, Select backup snapshot:
    • In the Before field, select the backup prior to the merge of records.
    • In the After field select the backup post the merge.

    This captures the records deleted during the merge so you can restore them and any related child records. 

    1. In Step 5, Summary, click Preview Restore. 

    Once you have confirmed the record(s) you would like to restore and followed the steps, highlighted in yellow, on the preview screen have been addressed, restore the merged record(s) and all the related contents

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