How to Fix Who Sees What Explorer Page Load Issues in Secure

    This article covers methods to resolve loading issues within the Who Sees What Explorer (WSWE) tab. To use the following settings, a new Batch Configuration must be created, or edit an existing one. If any options shown are missing, the page layout for Batch Configuration must be edited.


    WSWE Enable User Section Loading

    If the Who Sees What Explorer fails to load properly, check this checkbox. This setting adds filters to only pull a subset of users at a time and may alleviate the issue, especially when dealing with larger Orgs.


    WSW getFields

    If the WSWE fails to load, please open the developer console for your browser. Not all browsers use the same key combination, so do a quick Google search for your preferred browser if the following does not work:



    -   Cmd + Option + J (Mac)

    -   Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows)


    -   Cmd + Option + J (Mac)

    -   Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows)


    -   Cmd + Option + C (Mac)


    -   Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows)


    Look in the developer console for an error labeled “CPU Time Limit Exceeded”. If the error is present, using the getFields metadata option in Batch Configuration may alleviate the issue. By default, getFields is set to a value of 10. Decreasing this value, pulling fewer objects at a time, helps to resolve page loading issues.

    Note: The lower the value is set, the longer the load time, as fewer objects are pulled at a time.


    WSW Enable Time Machine

    Checking this checkbox allows users to use the Time Machine feature within the Who Sees What Explorer.


    WSW getFieldPermissions

    Users with a high amount of permission sets, including the ability to assign many object and field level permissions, may cause an apex error while loading within the User Lens. Lowering the value of this batch configuration may remedy the issue. This will control how many permission set IDs are sent when retrieving field permissions for the user.


    WSW getAccess

    Orgs with large amounts of records may encounter an apex error when loading the Record lens. By default, 3,000 records are sent per batch. Decreasing this value can help to resolve the issue.


    Create Batch Configuration Custom Metadata in Secure

    Batch Configuration Page Layout Editor for Secure

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