ServiceNow Permissions Report

    We provide clients with a Full & Complete backup of all the Data, Metadata, and Attachments. To ensure this - We automatically analyze the table runtime access on completion of every Full Backup.

    If tables are detected that restrict access to the authenticated user via the REST APIs, a warning is displayed on the service's dashboard that the tables have failed to back up. A link is also provided to a “Permissions Report" containing the report.

    We also provide actionable steps to remediate this and acknowledge the warning.

    When selecting “see report”, the option exists to export the tables as a CSV file for offline analysis. 

    To address this warning, each table will need to be reviewed to see if it contains data important to back up. If so, the option “Allow access to this table via web services” on each individual table will need to be checked. This option determines whether users can make inbound web services requests to the table. More information about table access can be found in the ServiceNow product documentation here.

    To update this option for multiple tables at once, use the list editor. Personalize the list view of sys_db_object, and, add the column “Allow access to this table via web services”. Alternatively, use the editing form as described here, and here.




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