Preserving a Case Number on Unarchive

    Salesforce automatically generates the numbering in the Case Number field. When an archived record is unarchived back to Salesforce, the record is treated as a new Salesforce record and will therefore be assigned a new Case Number. This can be challenging if the case number is used in communication with a customer or as an identifier in external systems.

    OwnBackup now offers the option to preserve the original case number in a designated field for business continuity.

    To Preserve a Case Number

    1. Navigate to the Archiver Settings.

    1. Select the Preserve original Salesforce Case Number when unarchiving a record.
    2. Add a new field: original_number (type: text) to your Case object.
    Note: You must use the exact field name.

    When unarchiving a case, this field will now be populated with the original case number.

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