Exporting Data & Metadata

    Exporting Data

    OwnBackup provides its clients the ability to export Data and Metadata:

    • To a SQL file (as a query) without attachments for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MS-SQL databases
    • To a MySQL Endpoint via the SQL Endpoint feature
    • To Amazon S3 with attachment
    1. Select the Backup you wish to export from the Backup History tab.
    2. Click Export.

    1. Select the format of your Export.

    When using export to SQL feature, the script can then be inserted into your database, upon which all of your data and relationships will be inserted.

    All exports are manual but can be automated via the API.
    If you have a My-SQL database, you can set up an endpoint, and then directly push your data from within OwnBackup to the database. This feature is currently available for MySQL and doesn't support Client Cert Auth connections which require an additional file beyond the SSL CA.

    If you need to white list the incoming traffic into your MySQL instance this article describes the OwnBackup instance IPs.

    Downloading CSV with Attachments

    To download the entire backup to a local machine you can follow these steps.

    1. Select the Backup you wish to export from the Backup History tab.
    2. Select Download.
    3. (Optional) Select to include attachments
    4. Select Run

    Please note that if the backup is larger than 1TB, the export will fail. It is recommended to use an Amazon S3 bucket for these types of large datasets.

    Export to Amazon S3

    Export to Amazon S3 is also available. See the separate Knowledge Base article.


    Exporting Metadata

    Export for metadata is also available in any metadata backup. Exporting your entire metadata snapshot will download a folder labeled ‘metadata’, with each metadata object listed separately inside, as well as the package.xml file. You can use any of these files to deploy metadata using your preferred IDE.





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